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Postal Connections of America is a network of franchise stores serving people with packaging, shipping, mail receiving, fax sending or receiving, duplicating, notary, online access, packing & office supplies, as well as, numerous other services. We compete by adding personalized customer service to each transaction and offering alternatives in prices and shipping companies. We connect our communities to the rest of the world with the products & services we sell whether it’s for business or personal needs.


Postal Connections stores follow a business model, developed in the 1980’s, created to deliver postal and shipping services conveniently without long lines. Our services have gained in demand as customers find their time to be more valuable than traveling to other sources and often less expensive. This concept has spread worldwide driven by modern transportation, technology, fuel costs, and the expansion of small office/home office (SOHO) businesses. Additionally, the growing numbers of working households, where time is limited and convenience is valuable, have become loyal and frequent customers.



(New York, New York – August 14, 2012) — Relentless sales and marketing, eternal enthusiasm and dogged determination are what India-born/America-raised Postal Connections of America (PCA) franchise owner Kal Bodawala, 39, credits for his highly successful Manhattan-based store. This past weekend, Bodawala was recognized as the number one DHL international retail shipper in the U.S. by DHL at the Retail Shippers Associates (RSA) Annual Expo held in San Diego.

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    200 W. 39th Street
    New York, NY 10018
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    Tel (212)840-7447(SHIP)
    Fax (212) 354-9764

    For all print request send to colorjobs@gmx.com

    Store Hours:
    Mon - Friday: 8:30 AM - 8:00 PM
    Sat : 10:30 - 6 PM
    Sunday: Closed
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  • Products & Services

    We have more than 20 postal and business services and products.
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    • Packing and Shipping Services
    • Mail Box Services
    • Mail Forwarding
    • Certified Mail/Return Receipt
    • Overnight Document & Package Delivery
    • Passport Services
    • FedEx, DHL
    • USPS, Priority Mail
    • Packing and Moving Services
    • Packing and Moving Boxes
    • Gift Boxes
    • Computer Rental
    • Internet Access
    • Resume Services
    • Notary Services (by appointment only)
    • Digital Printing
    • Keys
    • Secretarial/ Administrative Services
    • Boxes of all Sizes
    • Digital Imaging
    • Copy and Print Services
    • Full Service Black & White Copies
    • Self Service Black & White Copies
    • Color Printing and Copies
    • Printing Services: Business Cards
    • Brochures, Posters, Flyers
    • Envelopes and Letterhead
    • Binding
    • Laminating
    • Collating
    • Full Range of Finishing Services
    • Padding
    • Presentation Materials and Supplies
    • Commercial Accounts Available
    • Fax Services, Send and Receive
    • Business Forms
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Custom Rubber Stamps
  • Ship Your Items

    Postal Connections ships your items safely packed.

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